Full Stainless Self-Tailing Winch

Standard Self-Tailing Winch

Black Trim Self-Tailing Winches

The choice for uncompromised ANDERSEN performance in a manual winch, our Black Trim Self-Tailing Winch is perfect for the sailor seeking convenience and reliability. It incorporates our exclusive self-tailing mechanism that automatically accommodates a wide range of different sheet and halyard sizes allowing each winch to serve numerous onboard purposes. From raising sails to trimming sheets, these winches provide the reliable power you need for smooth sailing.

As with all ANDERSEN Winches™, our Black Trim Self-Tailing winch features the exclusive stainless steel Power Rib™ drum for maximum power and extended line life. This unique drum design uses vertical ribs to firmly grip the line, requiring fewer turns to achieve the same line-holding grip when compared with conventional winch drums. The smooth surface is also corrosion free and far less abrasive to your sheets and halyards to extended the life of your lines.

Self-Tailing Manual Winches - Black Trim

Product Number RA2012000000 RA2018000000
Model 12 ST BT18 ST BT
Drum D  (mm) 7070
Base B  (mm) 115120
Height H  (mm) 127133
Line Entry L  (mm) 4450
Line Size  (mm) 8-148-14
Weight  (kg) 2.53.1
Gear ratio 1st speed 1.3 : 12.6 : 1
Gear ratio 2nd speed --
Power ratio 1st speed 9.5 : 118.8 : 1
Power ratio 2nd speed --