Hydraulic Winches Two Speed

Hydraulic Winches Two and Three Speed

ANDERSEN Hydraulic Winches create a solid foundation for distributing power throughout your boat. Smooth running and reliable performance are not the only advantages provided by ANDERSEN Technology design and versatility are equally important aspects of our products.

Single Speed Hydraulic Winches are avaialble in ANDERSEN Winch models 52ST to 72ST.

Self-Tailing Hydraulic Winches

Product Number RA2082013200 RA2110013200
Model 82-3STH FS Three Speed - Full Stainless110 STH FS Two Speed - Full Stainless
Drum D  (in.) 6 11/169 13/16
Base B  (in.) 12 1/215 9/16
Height H  (in.) 1216 1/2
Line Entry L  (in.) 56 11/16
Line Size  (in.) 1/2-3/45/8-1
Weight  (lb.) 147.4
Max Deck Thickness K  (in.) 3 11/323 1/8
Motor Depth J  (in.) 14 3/16
Gear Length S  (in.) n/a
Motor Length N  (in.) 8 9/32