Two Speed Electric Winch

Two and Three Speed Electric Winches

Andersen Two and Three Speed electric winches are the perfect solution for larger boats, of 16m (60ft) or more, providing the power and control to safely hoist and trim sails of any size at the push of a button. In addition to the host of standard features that have made Andersen self tailing winches the benchmark for quality and performance, Andersen Two and Three Speed Electric Winches are engineered with unsurpassed levels of functionality, monitoring and protection.

Efficient, high quality motor
At the heart of each Andersen Two and Three Speed electric winch is a powerful European engineered and manufactured series wound motor. Carefully matched with the optimum gearbox these winches deliver high speed at low load for fast sheeting in, and low speed at high load for safe, fine tuning when trimming. For maximum performance and efficiency they are supplied in a 24 volt version, providing smooth operation across a wide working load range.

Illuminated "intelligent" Push Button
Two and Three Speed electric winches are supplied with push buttons with integrated LED which illuminates when power to the winch system is on. The push button incorporates a hinged safety cover to prevent inadvertent winch operation and is water resistant rated to IP67. The push button also acts with the controller to flash status codes that assist with trouble shooting in the event of overload or where other system protection intervention occurs. A cable for connection of the push button is included for convenient installation.

Unrivalled level of monitoring and protection
  • Integrated Overload Protection The controller is pre-set to stop the winch if the Maximum Pull Load is exceeded. Operation can resume within a few seconds when the load returns below the limit.
  • Thermal Overload Protection – The motor is fitted with a thermal cutout that disables the motor in case of overheating; it automatically resets after the temperature returns to normal.
  • Reverse Polarity Protection – An integrated 5 Amp fuse protects the controller against incorrect cable connection.
  • Accidental Start Protection – Winch operation is disabled if the push button is already inadvertently pressed when the power supply is turned on at the circuit breaker or battery.
  • Low Voltage Detection – Operation is disabled if the battery charge level is low, which prevents further drain on batteries and avoids triggering low-voltage reset of navigation instruments and other electronic devices.
  • Continuous Run Time Limit – Operation is disabled if continuous run time exceeds 10 minutes.

Manual operation
Manual operation is always available as a backup; or just for the experience.

Andersen Two and Three Speed Electric Winches are supplied complete with push buttons, electrics/control box and comprehensive installation and operation instructions. The RA590150 150A Amp Circuit Breaker is recommended for use with 82-3ST – sold separately.

E2 conversion kits are also available for the 68ST and 72ST (for two electric speeds) and the 82-3ST (for three electric speeds), contact us or your local Andersen distributor for details.

Self-Tailing Electric Winches

Product Number RA2068011800 RA2072011800 RA2082012200
Model 68ST E2 Two Speed Electric - Full Stainless, 24 Volt72ST E2 Two Speed Electric - Full Stainless, 24 Volt82-3 STE FS Three Speed - Full Stainless, 24 Volt
Drum D  (in.) 5 1/25 1/26 11/16
Base B  (in.) 111112 1/2
Height H  (in.) 11 7/3211 7/3212
Line Entry L  (in.) 5 1/85 1/85
Line Size  (in.) 3/8-5/83/8-5/81/2-3/4
Weight  (lb.) 9595119
Max Deck Thickness K  (in.) 2 15/162 15/164 3/16
Motor Depth J  (in.) 9 7/169 7/169 3/4
Gear Length S  (in.) 2 7/82 7/82 7/8
Motor Length N  (in.) 151515 1/16