Winch Mounting Dimension Templates

Winch Mounting Dimension Templates indicate critical mounting information for correct positioning and mounting of Andersen winches.
They include full mounting hole, winch base diameter, motor cutout (for relevant models) and self tailing arm position details. The files are created as actual size templates when printed at 1:1 on the specified sheet size.

IMPORTANT: It is critical that these files are printed at full size (1:1 Scale), and the dimensions of any printed template should be checked prior to drilling/cutting to ensure printing is at the correct scale.

Winch Mounting Dimension Templates are in pdf format and require a pdf reader to be viewed and printed (e.g. Adobe Reader).

Winch Mounting Orientation

To ensure the correct performance from your Andersen ST winch the following Winch Mounting Orientation guidelines should be observed.

Electric Winches

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Manual Winches

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