Winch Data Sheets

Providing a concise summary of all the critical Andersen Winch specification and selection information you need in one sheet.

Check and compare technical information, such as mechanical and electrical performance, installation and physical dimensions, to ensure you select the right electric winch for your requirements.

Winch Data Sheets are in pdf format and require a pdf reader to be viewed and printed (e.g. Adobe Reader).

E1 Electric Self-Tailing Winches

E2 Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Two Speed & Three Speed Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Compact Motor™ Below Deck Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Compact Motor™ Above Deck Electric Self-Tailing Winches

Hydraulic Winches

Support Guide

We strive to manufacture the best stainless steel winches in the world. In addition we want to be of as much help as possible in selecting, maintaining and repairing the winches we make. In the menu below you will find resources and tools that will help you achieve the best winch experience.