Winch Selection Guide

Our Winch Selection Guide helps you choose your ANDERSEN Winches to reflect the size of your yacht and your sailing requirements. It provides guidance on manual and powered winches and different rig and boat types.

Product Versions

On all ANDERSEN winches the production year, month and version no. [YY-MM-VER.] are stamped on the top side of the deck flange, between the mounting bolt holes. You'll find it, when the polished winch drum is removed.

It's important to know the version number and often the production date of your winch to determine the appropriate Product Manual, Service Kit and Power Conversion Kit.

Product Manuals and Service Tips

The ANDERSEN Product Manuals have been produced so you can familiarise yourself with your ANDERSEN product and to assist with technical queries. We recommend regular servicing of your gear and a Product Manual is a great guide to an efficient and thorough service.

Winch Data Sheets

Providing a concise summary of all the critical Andersen Winch specification and selection information you need in one sheet. Winch Data Sheets are available for E1 Electric Self Tailing Winches from size 28 up to size 72 in both 12V DC and 24V DC, and applicable to full stainless as well as black trim winch variants.

Service Kits

Service Kits from ANDERSEN Winches are a must for optimal maintenance, as they include crucial spare parts. Cleaning and greasing every 2 years is also necessary for extending the lifetime of your gear.

Bailer Installation & Service

Please find Bailer installation and Bailer Service Kit installation instructions available for download in pdf format by clicking the link.

Winch Grease

We strongly recommend always using ANDERSEN Winch Grease, when lubricating your winch. Non-suitable grease products can cause malfunction, which could result in fatal injuries for the user and others.

Safety Notices

Please do not install or operate your winch before reading and fully understanding the relevant Safety Notice and Product Manual.

Safety notices for all winches (pdf)
Safety Notices for Compact Electric Winches (pdf)


Your new ANDERSEN product is covered by warranty. Read more about the terms and conditions of the warranty on your ANDERSEN Winch.

New 2020 Andersen Stainless Steel Winches Catalogue available in PDF now

The 2020 Andersen Stainless Steel Winches Catalogue is now available in Acrobat PDF format.
The PDF version is ideal for downloading to your device for use when not connected, or to print a hardcopy to keep on board or in the workshop. It contains all of our winch range specifications, and service kit and accessories information. To assist with selection there is also a comprehensive Winch Selection Table and handy at-a-glance range Self-Tailing Winch Range Chart.

Support Guide

We strive to manufacture the best stainless steel winches in the world. In addition we want to be of as much help as possible in selecting, maintaining and repairing the winches we make. In the menu below you will find resources and tools that will help you achieve the best winch experience.