Self Tailing Electric Winch Compact Motor - Variable Speed,

Below Deck

58 ST FS - Full Stainless, 24 Volt


  • Compact in design integrating motor, gears and power controls into one unit
  • Impressive line speed and first rate maximum load
  • Easy to install and compatible with the ANDERSEN Modular Power System™.
  • Available in two versions: Above and Below deck
  • Winch mounted directly on the motor
  • Motor built without carbon brushes eliminates wear and tear.
  • 30-50% less power consumption compared to conventional electric motors
  • Available in Full Stainless or Non Stainless versions
Drum Ř D 115 mm
Base Ř B 230 mm
Height H 261 mm
Line Entry L 121 mm
Line Size 8-18 mm
Weight 36 kg
Deck K
48 mm
Motor Depth J 174 mm
Motor Ř S 250 mm


Product Information

Choosing the right equipment is an important job. It requires more than just adding a motor. Careful consideration should be given to all factors that have an impact on your sailing experience: boat size, sailing conditions, crew and convenience. Often, the choice is more complex than just the size of the motor. The source of power is also important. Hydraulic or electric — or manual for starters, and then growing with the challenge — the choice is yours.

ANDERSEN Variable-speed COMPACT Motor™ is especially developed for use as a winch motor. It is available in two versions; Below Deck, with smaller, built-in dimensions than a standard motor and Above Deck, featuring the winch mounted directly on the motor. This motor is highly efficient, with an impressive line speed and first-rate maximum load. The unit is extremely easy to install and is of course compatible with the ANDERSEN Modular Power System™.

This motor demonstrates why ANDERSEN Products™ are in a class of their own. When we say COMPACT, we mean COMPACT – We developed the motor with the size and shape of a winch in mind and then integrated the motor, gears and power control to make one COMPACT unit. That means no extra control boxes, all cables are connected directly to the unit. The motor is built on an entirely new commutator principle using no carbon brushes, resulting in the virtual elimination of wear and tear. This new approach to motors also provides other advantages; including 30-50% less power consumption compared to a conventional electric motor.

Winch Selection Guide - Click to use our winch selector tool to calculate the details of your winch requirements. Please note that the Guide is based on standards and will not reflect all variables and differences in the large variety of yacht types and sizes on the market.

Click to download an Electric Compact Motor™ Above Deck Winch Owner’s Manual

See our technical support section for product manuals and important information regarding Compact Motor installation and battery systems