• Manual Winches
    are ideal for both racers or cruisers, monohulls and multihulls,. The manual sheet winch offers a combination of ease of use and reliability. Available are the versatile Self-tailing range in uncompromising Full Stainless finish and the Classic range.
  • Powered winches
    represents a combination of safe sailing and convenient push-button technology. The range of powered winches includes the Compact Motor™ Electric, Electric and Hydraulic winches.
  • ANDERSEN Bailers
    are renowned for its efficient design and reliability. The Andersen bailers are manufactured from marine grade stainless steel, each bailer is supplied boxed with stainless fixings, guaranteeing you many years of trouble free service.
Winch Selection

Easy to use Winch Selection Guide

Our Winch Selection Guide helps you choose your ANDERSEN Winches™ to reflect the size of your yacht and your sailing requirements. It provides guidance on manual and powered winches and different rig and boat types.

For additional assistance with selection, product information, options, installation and service or to find your nearest Andersen Stainless Steel winches dealer contact your local distributor.

» Winch Selection Guide (pdf)


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Andersen Distribution in the Netherlands

Andersen Distribution in the Netherlands

A warm welcome to More Marine, a successful Ronstan distributor who recently became the official distributor of Andersen Winches in the Netherlands.
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Get a grip with ANDERSEN Winches

ANDERSEN Winches are all about Design and Engineering. We believe in setting standards, as this is the only way we can ensure a lifetime of safe sailing for our customers and a future at sea for our products. To achieve this, we employ state-of-the-art manufacturing technology, and our staff is dedicated to continuous development. We remain at the cutting edge of winch development by working closely with yachtsmen and sailing professionals to create unique, practical and reliable features.

After half a century of designing and manufacturing ANDERSEN Winches we feel we've earned the right to be proud. Our success also encourages us to continue developing standard setting equipment.

The Premium Choice – for Many Reasons

ANDERSEN Winches has over 50 years of experience, and our 150 employees are dedicated to quality manufacturing. Our procedures are based on the toughest demands in the business, and our engineers strive constantly to improve our products even further.

With ANDERSEN Winches, you can be assured of complete peace of mind – stretching from dedicated manufacturing to a 3-year factory warranty and reliable service worldwide. This creates the perfect partnership between you, your yacht and us.

Electric Power Unit Upgrade

Our winches are engineered with a focus on flexibility and simplicity. This flexibility makes it possible to upgrade existing manual winches with electric motor powered units at any time, since all ANDERSEN Self-Tailing Winches (28ST and above) are factory prepared for future change.

Power Rib

ANDERSEN Winches feature the Power Rib. Unlike other winches with abrasive drum surfaces, ANDERSEN winch drums have vertical ribs running up the surface. This combined with the smooth polished stainless steel gives maximum grip with minimum wear on ropes, reducing the replacements costs of sheets and halyards.