Auto-Lock Racing Winch Handle

Andersen Winch Handles

Ergonomically designed for efficient power transfer, ANDERSEN polished stainless Winch Handles perfectly compliment the functional beauty of our unique winch design. Each handle features a spring-loaded locking system for smooth operation by any crew member. Manufactured from profile-pressed steel, our handles are efficient and strong for years of use.

ANDERSEN Auto-Lock Handles

ANDERSEN's Auto-Lock Handles are engineered for ultimate usability. The automatic lock-in mechanism ensures quick and secure placement, and a large release push-button provides quick-single handed removal.

Winch Accessories - Handles

Product Number RA507297 RA507298 RA507510 RA507520 RA787000
Model Standard Locking 8"Standard Locking 10"Standard High Grip, 10"Standard Double Grip, 10"Auto-Lock Palm Grip
Length  (mm) 203254254254254
Width  (mm)
Weight  (g) 4004509201110700